How would it be to relate to the world with an attitude of “everything is perfect right now, just as it is”?

Or, “I am perfect exactly as I am, in this moment, with this pain/ache/difficulty/emotion”?

How would it be to relate to illness, or discomfort in this way? This is the Earth, the ground of your being, how you actually are.

As a society we spend so much time and energy trying to change, make well, or improve ourselves that we often lose this ground entirely. The reality is that if you can find a way to allow the pain/ache/difficulty/emotion then you can learn what your body needs in this situation, and eventually there will be an acknowledgement and you can move on.

Ask yourself the question” What defines me in this moment?” Are you defined by your own limitations of self? By not being able to do this, or have that, or feel that? Or are you able to define yourself in each moment now this body sensation…. now that emotion…. now this sound, smell thought, feeling, impulse? We can be so far away from body sensation and emotion in this technology driven society that we don’t even realise the disconnect!

The season of late summer is related to our Earth energy, our ability to be with what is. It is the time when all our hard work turns to fruition and we are nourished by the Earth and our relationships. When someone’s Earth energy is in balance they will have a good balance between nourishing others and nourishing themselves, they will seem sympathetic to others, grounded, and satisfied with their lives.

In conversation with people over the last couple of weeks I have noticed some of the main Earth themes coming up in relation to returning to work after the summer. Many people are finding returning to work very effortful, something they “must do “and are consequently feeling tired, insecure, needy, and have a lack of self-esteem. This can lead to an inability to relax (a kind of wired feeling), stress, bad digestion, irregular menstruation, obsessive thinking and above all…DISSATISFACTION! An inability to be at rest with ourselves as we are. It’s tempting at this point to reach for the chocolate/ alcohol to help us feel better…. unfortunately, although it may bring short term comfort, it makes things worse in the long term! Check it out for your selves, don’t take my word for it!

Other symptoms of Earth out of balance can be addictions, smoking and eating disorders, constipation/ diarrhoea, prolapse of internal organs, nose bleeds, excessive thirst, poor concentration, worry and knee problems.

You can help your Earth energy by eating satisfying foods regularly (and not over eating), Eating lots of soups and stews made with round sweet vegetables, such as onions, Swede, cabbage, squash, carrots and parsnips. Change from using sugar to things with natural sweetness such as dried fruit, grain sweeteners or fruit juices. Reconnect with nature or spend some time in the garden. Make time for warmth, comfort, touch and hugs in your life. Notice what you need and see if you can ask for your needs to be met. Above all cultivate an attitude of satisfaction in life, and an ability to rest back into your own being just as it is.

If you need help with any of that Shiatsu is a great way in to reconnect with your body and start to address any dissatisfaction. This particular element is one that I have spent many years working consciously with, so I have a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject! I would also recommend Movement of Being there are many practitioners of this wonderful work locally and this has really helped me to come home to myself.