Kirsty works with skill, integrity and a lot of heart. She is particularly attuned to the shifting relationship between emotion and the body. I thoroughly recommend her treatments.”

Olly, teacher

“This is the most relaxed I’ve ever been whilst being awake”

Kate, Actress and mother

Thank-you for my Shiatsu treatment, it was like no other I have ever had, seeming to drain away a lot of bad stuff within me. The feeling of wellbeing it brought to my battered old body was quite remarkable.

As a post-operative ”treat” I couldn’t recommend it more highly, for although it doesn’t completely cure the discomfort of the recovery process from a major operation such as mine, it seems to address the feelings of vulnerability that accompany a long healing process in an almost magical way. How a physical treatment transcends into something psychologically beneficial I don’t know but it did for me and I think that others at the same stage of recovery from major surgery would benefit similarly.”

Nick, Retired construction engineer

“Kirsty gives a deeply embodied treatment, leaving my body feeling deeply met and nourished, giving space to what is moving in the body.”

Isabella, Dancer and mother

“My shoulders always felt like they had been untangled of knots.  In general, a feeling of being stronger and less tense. Always a good feeling.”

Alison, Teacher

Kirsty creates a warm and held space for the bodies wisdom to emerge.

Sue, Councilor and mother

Shiatsu with Kirsty“I have had a number of shiatsu sessions from many practitioners over the years and I can’t recommend Kirsty enough.
Her beautifully safe and expertly held sessions have led me to many a deep and profound letting go and healings.

She seems to combine a deep listening and just the right amount of encouragement and support for my body to go where it most needs to and is most scared to go.

The last session I had from Kirsty left me feeling energised, connected, peaceful and with a lot less pain in my back!

Kirsty is intuitive, gentle, compassionate, wise and a very gifted healer.

Laila, Actress and company director

“Kirsty is an amazing healer. She is able to bring her deep compassionate heart, stillness and magical presence combined with a very experienced skillset to….exactly the places I needed to attend to and receive healing for.

I have never found a better practitioner of this work and trust and value sessions with Kirsty deeply.  “

Vanya, Actress and company director