Welcome to the second of my seasonal newsletters. And of course, the element associated with summer is fire.

In Chinese medicine the fire element has a strong outward energy. And so, we are attracted to being outside, and socialising a lot.

When the fire energy is in balance we feel joyful and happy. we want to socialise, we laugh easily, but also have an inner calm, and are in touch with our own spirit, we are able to express our own heart and have loving contact with people.

When fire energy slips out of balance we can feel scattered, like we have lost the centre of our being. We can feel sad or down hearted, unloved or unconnected to others. Or alternatively talk all the time, crave social interaction but can’t stand to be with ourselves. On a physical level this can manifest in our circulatory system, and related diseases.

Shock affects fire, in Chinese medicine we think of the heart as having a spirit which is like a heart mind, it is called Shen, and this can be disturbed by shock and emotional upset leaving us feeling empty, hollow or struggling. Anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks are also signs of imbalance in fire.

we can help encourage fire energy back into balance by focusing on our relationships, inviting ourselves to connect both to ourselves and others. Giving ourselves time to notice and express how we are, meditate. Be loving to friends or pets. Eat bitter foods such as rocket, watercress or lettuce.

This heart is full
This heart is excited,
This heart is anxious,
This heart is prickly,
This heart is cold,
This heart is numb,
This heart is waiting,
This heart is cautious,
This heart cry’s out to be touched,
This heart rests back into loving arms,
This heart is grateful,
This heart is soft,
This heart is loving,
This heart is spacious,
This heart is restful,
This heart is content,
This heart is delicate like a flower,
This heart is presence,
This heart is changing moment by moment,
This heart is Welcome.