Shiatsu with Kirsty
Shiatsu with Kirsty
Shiatsu with Kirsty
Shiatsu with Kirsty
Shiatsu with Kirsty
Shiatsu in Devon

“She seems to combine a deep listening and just the right amount of encouragement and support for my body to go where it most needs to and is most scared to go”

Shiatsu can be used to support you in many ways during your journey through life as a woman.

Difficult menstruation

Many women experience difficulty with menstruation, whether you suffer from PMS,  heavy or light bleeding Shiatsu, and lifestyle advice can help.

Shiatsu during Pregnancy

Shiatsu during pregnancy can be very nourishing and relaxing, allowing you space to process the many changes that are happening in your body at this special time. It can also help you forge a stronger connection between you and your baby, and address both physical and emotional issues which may arise during pregnancy.

I have a special body cushion for use during pregnancy, with a hole for your bump, allowing you to lie on your front, relax and really get the most from your treatment.

Post Natal Care

This is a crucial time for mothers to regain their strength after childbirth, and a vital time to receive treatment. Shiatsu at this time can help prevent long term depletion of your bodies resources, and helps your body to integrate changes, and keep up with the new demands that are being made of you. It can address any physical or emotional problems which may arise at this time. I thoroughly recommend regular treatment as early as possible after giving birth. I find that this can help the balance of giving and receiving tip back just enough into the mother’s favour.

If you do nothing else for yourself during your pregnancy and birthing give yourself this gift – it will serve you for your whole life.

“It seems to address the feelings of vulnerability that accompany a long healing process in an almost magical way”


Sometimes the birthing journey doesn’t go the way we hoped it would. Shiatsu can be an invaluable physical and emotional support at these times, helping your body to recover from and come to terms with termination, miscarriage, or baby loss, giving you much needed support and nourishment.


In China menopause is called the second spring, it is considered to be a time of rebirth and renewal for the maturing woman. In Western society we have a very different view, and often women’s time during the menopause is defined by the symptoms which come along with it. Lack of sleep, hot flushes, change of mood, memory loss are all symptoms that can be addressed with Shiatsu, giving you tools to help have more control over your health and your symptoms.