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I am so glad you are considering coming for a Shiatsu treatment. I feel that, at this time, maybe more than any other, touch is crucial. There are however measures which need to be considered to keep everyone safe. Things may be a bit different, so it is important you know what to expect.

These are the things I am required to put into place in order to be able to practice again. I am really hoping I can keep a balance between heartful human physical contact and the measures that need to be taken. Hopefully you won’t notice most of it, but it seems important that you know it will be there.


What I will do

I, as always, will wash my hands thoroughly between clients.

I will provide hand sanitiser in the studio which I will use before laying hands on you and after taking notes, and you are welcome to use on arrival and departure.

When possible I will leave the studio door open so that you do not have to touch any door handles

I will clean door handles between treatments.

I will change the waterproof futon covering between each client.

I will clean the body cushion between each client, and as always use a clean head cloth.

I will clean the bathroom between each use and ask my family to use the other bathroom during the working day, I will provide a clean towel after each use. Where possible I will leave the doors to the bathroom open.

Government guidelines state that I should wear a mask and visor during treatment.

Government guidelines ask us not to work on the face. I will have a cloth available so I can work on any uncovered areas of skin.

I will ventilate the working space between clients, and where possible keep the door/ window open for as long as I can during the consultation/ treatment.


What I ask you to do

I ask that you do not come to a treatment with any symptoms of COVID 19 (A raised temperature, a new and persistent cough or change to your sense of smell or taste). This is to protect ALL my clients and my family, not just me. My cancellation policy has always been that if you are ill and let me know you will not be charged for your treatment if you cancel, this remains the case.

Our governing body recommends that you take your temperature on the day of the treatment. Do not attend if your temperature is raised.

I ask you to let me know if you develop symptoms of Corona virus after a treatment as I may need to self-isolate to protect my other clients.

I ask that you bring as little extra stuff into the studio with you as possible.

It is recommended that we don’t work on bare skin, so I ask that you wear a long-sleeved top, long trousers and socks. I will have a clean cloth available for working on your hands and face.

You may also want to bring layers of clothing and / or your own blanket as my blanket is wool and not easily washable. You may want to do this even if it seems warm outside, my studio can be very cool.

I ask that you fill in the client consent form below and bring it to your treatment.
Click here to view, download, print the Client Consent form

Government recommendations are that all clients wear face coverings during a treatment.

I ask that you pay online via BACS on the morning of the treatment. Please pay £45 to Kirsty Hurd-Thomas, Cooperative bank account: 04370723 sort code 08-90-66 and reference with your name.

If you are a Shiatsu For Change client and you would like to pay your donation (suggested donation £7) on line please use these details : Shiatsu For Change, Cooperative bank, Account number: 65882386 sort code 08-92-99


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Kirsty Hurd-Thomas - Shiatsu in Totnes


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Treatment costs

If you need to cancel a treatment, please give at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee

A full Shiatsu session lasts 75 minutes, this includes time for assessing your needs and advice, as well as treatment £50
Taster Shiatsu treatments are half an hour, and focus mainly on relaxation and rejuvenation £35
I also offer an hour long abdominal treatment, you won’t find a treatment like this anywhere else! £50

Advance booking discount, book 6 full treatments in advance and pay £270 giving you £30 off the full price!

Gift vouchers available.