What if you could surrender to each moment, act upon your impulses and find your true inspiration?

Deep inside,
Into your very core,
To the swirling depths of deep darkness.

Journey to the centre,
The womb of all creation.

For only in the utter stillness,
In the velvety richness of this fertile place
Will the true seed of inspiration grow.

As candle by candle,
Moment by moment,
Breath by breath,
Prayer by prayer,
The light returns.

We are, at the moment floating in the Water element, the element of Winter. My understanding of this energy at its deepest emotional level is a fear of life, and a fear of death. Two sides of the same coin.

If I am lacking in Water Qi I can feel tired, depressed, cold, like I’m shrunken away from myself, afraid of life itself. On the other hand, if my Water Qi is over-active I can push myself, become fearless or reckless, overwork or take on big physical challenges. When I feel this push in myself it feels like it’s root is in a fear of not existing, a fear of death. If I can surrender, without push and without collapse then I can begin to notice my impulses without needing to run from them or push through them, here Water Qi is in balance, and I can breathe a sigh of relief!

Common symptoms associated with unbalanced Water Qi are Lower back ache; insomnia; stress; depression/low energy in winter (SAD); fertility problems and hormonal problems; urinary problems; lack of Will or motivation or inspiration; lack of sex drive and problems with the nervous system.

Working with your Water Qi through Shiatsu treatments can address all of these problems. And when this Qi is moving well you will feel motivated and inspired, your body and bones will feel strong and you will be willing to take on new challenges. So even though it can be hard to get out at this time of year making an extra effort to book yourself a regular treatment can make all the difference to how you feel during these winter months.