Winter, Water, Stillness and rest.

Here we are in mid winter, and it’s time to let the body rest and regenerate ready for spring. Easy to say, not so easy to practice though. What I find arising for me in the spaces where I could chose to rest, or chose to do something is a question “If I am just resting am I enough?” Surely if I do this thing or these many things I will have more worth? I hear these voices speak through my clients quite frequently at the moment.

We are taking on societies assumption that we are defined not by who we are, but what we do. And that action has more value than rest….Gosh I feel exhausted just writing this, feeling the level of societal ( and internalised) expectation on us to perform, be something, do something.

Can you let yourself be enough when you are resting? Resting back into the truth of who you are in any given moment.

Finding the pool of deep rest can be a challenge,  and over the past weeks I have found myself referring clients to my Water Wheel Qi-gong video (below) to help them begin to find that place of rest in themselves. The exercise works with the Water element which is the element of winter, strengthening the kidneys to bring warmth, strength and vitality. It also helps support the bodies capacity to drop and rest.

January is traditionally a quiet time for Shiatsu. But I find regular Shiatsu at this time of year is essential to my ability to remain unstressed, and find that place in me which is willing to surrender to my body which so clearly needs to rest and rejuvenate at this time. If this feels true for you too, why not call now to make your appointment?

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