What is Qigong?

Qigong is a way for you to connect for yourself to your Qi, and begin to take responsibility for your own health through gentle exercise, meditation and standing. Literally Qigong means practice/ work of Qi, so it is a process of becoming more aware of how Qi works in your body and how this is connected to the universal Qi, or life force.

Qigong and Women

Ever since my journey with Qigong began over 10 years ago now I have wondered about specific instruction for women. The Qigong I have been taught has been taught within the context of a male lineage, and there has been something deeply dissatisfying for me in this. I have spent a year exploring practices which specifically support the female body and energy system.

Qigong group

I am excited to be offering a closed group so I can share these practices with other women in a safe and supportive space.

My intention is to nurture your own feminine nature.

Working specifically with forms of Qigong and Shiatsu for self healing which address women’s issues we will find a deeper connection to our experience as women, and how we can help ourselves to be all that we are … vital, healthy, radiant women.

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Free and low cost Qigong classes

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Kirsty Hurd-Thomas practising Qi Gong on Fistral Beach

Sound effects courtesy of freesfx