Often people want to know what Shiatsu is like …
well the short answer is that it is like all things and it changes depending on what you and your body need in that moment.

Maybe a good way to describe how I work, is with reference to the Five Elements.

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Water – Spontaneous

Your spontaneous self can get stuck in routine or tired. If you watch water bubbling over rocks, you will notice flow and a sense that you could not know where the water will go next. The spontaneity of the unknown and the depth of the unknowable are what I work with through Water touch.

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Tree – released

Imagine the flexibility of a willow branch. With Tree touch I am encouraging this level of flexibility with your body, mind and emotions. Movement and stretches enable the stuckness of Tree (which you may experience as anger, frustration, physical restriction or headaches) to bring you more fluidity and satisfaction.

shiatsu five elements - fire 800x600

Fire – Present

If you look deep into the flames of a fire you will see the, at heart, a stillness. I will work with this stillness to encourage presence and heartful communication as well as the more energetic qualities of fire and helping the blood to circulate.

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Earth – Being

Earth touch is about resting with what is whether you like it or not. This can be difficult as you may want to fight with how things are, however feeling the support of the Earth (which is always here) can help with acceptance and is essential to the healing process.

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Metal – Clarity

Sometimes it is necessary to cut through, to define boundaries, to feel where you end, and another begins. The precision and respect of Metal touch can help you in this process.

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“I have never found a better practitioner of this work”

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