“Kirsty Hurd-Thomas is a truly skilled practitioner with a clear understanding in the transformative, healing potential of this deeply relaxing and powerful technique”

Thoughts about health

Many people consider bodywork to be a luxury.

Shiatsu with KirstyThink about this …

  • How can looking after your most precious tool be a luxury?
  • Without your health, how will you earn a living?
  • Without your body, how can you do what needs to be done?
  • Without connection to your heart how will you know the right direction to take?

In the West we give our bodies’ very little attention.

Often, they are the last thing on the list.

How would it be to put your body at the top of the list?

I passionately believe that as a society we need to begin to take our bodies more seriously, and learn to listen to the messages they are sending us. Regular Shiatsu treatments can help you do this, and begin the journey home to your body.

“The last session I had from Kirsty left me feeling energised, connected, peaceful and with a lot less pain in my back”

About me

I am a graduate of the Devon School of Shiatsu, where I also assisted the teachers for several years. I have trained in Movement Shiatsu, and in Transformational Shiatsu / Shiatsu with Soul. I carry out regular CPD (continuing professional development) and am a member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS), the governing body for Shiatsu practitioners.

I teach Do-in, meridian location, and Shiatsu at the International School of Macrobiotics.
I have a background in drama and movement work and have been following body based practices for over fifteen years. This informs my work as a Shiatsu practitioner and means I can offer a strong presence and holding for my clients. I continue to regularly practice Qi gong, Five Rhythms and Movement of Being.

Kirsty Hurd-ThomasAs a mother of two, I bring my knowledge of parenthood to my work. This is particularly relevant to Shiatsu during pregnancy, and in the early years of parenting. I enjoy working with women during these times and can offer deep understanding and a nurturing treatment.

I have also worked at Sura Detox retreats and so have a lot of experience of those with digestive complaints, eating disorders and issues with weight loss or gain. I offer an hour long abdominal treatment for those on a detox at home, or just wanting to reconnect to this part of the body.

I am director and founder of Shiatsu For Change a Community interest company which provides low cost Qigong, Shiatsu and Self help skills to the community.

I practice Shiatsu in Totnes in Devon, where I live with my family.

“Kirsty Hurd-Thomas offers deep presence in bodywork and a safe, heartful space”